At last, I have met Bertie Wooster and his man Jeeves They are an amusing pair Wodehouse’s writing is a pleasure to read, although I don’t think I’m up to plunging into the next book right away For me, it will be most effective in smaller doses.I have to wonder if this was where the Monty Python group got their first ideas for the Upper Class Twit of the Year sketches? The dimwitted Bertie and the lovelorn Bingo would be helpless without the wellinformed Jeeves, who sorts out their various problems.I loved Bertie’s penchant for purple socks and red cummerbunds, not to mention Eton spats! All of which Jeeves manages to dispense with to return Bertie to his bland, proper best I also enjoyed Aunt Agatha’s determined meddling and Bertie’s reluctant involvement in the family battles.My enjoyment of Dorothy Sayer’s Lord Peter Wimsey series inspired me to give Wodehouse a try—the two authors were contemporaries, and I suspected that the relationship between Lord Peter and his butler Bunter might be a nod to Wooster Jeeves Lord Peter may have started out a bitlike Bertie in the first book, but he quickly became a sleuth to be reckoned with; however the relationship between Lord and butler has definite similarities, confirming my hypothesis I’m delighted to have made their acquaintance and shall continue on with their adventures in the near future! “We Woosters do not lightly forget At least, we do some things appointments, and people's birthdays, and letters to post, and all that but not an absolutely bally insult like the above.” Absolutely hilarious! The adventures of Bertie Wooster and Jeeves are narrated by Wodehouse with his natural flair and brilliantly funfilled manner P.G Wodehouse shows off his comic genius in this timeless funny classic.If you are feeling down then i would recommend a dose of Wodehouse, which will refresh you up and fill you with a glow of warmth for sure And it is one reason why P.G Wodehouse is one of my all time favorite and most read author. Now you know me, Jeeves, I said I am no expert on what Honoria likes to call literature.I believe I would concur in that judgement, Jeeves agreed, and I fancied I saw his left eyebrow twitch slightly But I was not to be put off by the blighter's lack of enthusiasm.Hang it all, Jeeves! I continued You don't need to be an expert to see that this book is head and shoulders above above well I paused, for some reason at a loss for a suitable comparison.Perhaps you are referring to the work of Miss Rosie M Banks which you read a few months ago? hazarded Jeeves Though I am not quite certain, at this remove in time, if it was Madcap Myrtle or Only a Factory Girl.Neither am I, I said We Woosters are straightforward people and like to get to the point Never mind that Whichever it was, I can tell you that this is veritably the bee's knees and the cat's pyjamas rolled into one I haven't laughed so much since Bingo fell into the Serpentine while doing his impression of Lloyd George after the last Drones club dinner It almost makes me feel there could be something to this reading lark.I see the book has profoundly affected you, said Jeeves I wonder if you would be so good as to allow me to examine it?I nodded, and Jeeves gave it the old onceover After a few seconds, he shook his head sadly.This isn't quite playing the game! I said indignantly You barely even glanced at the thing!It pains me to relate, said Jeeves, that a glance was enough What was the title again?The Inimitable Jeeves, I said, mystified Quite so, replied Jeeves I am afraid the description is entirely inaccurate I am all too imitable to such an extent, in fact, that I rather fancy someone is doing precisely that, at this very moment.I looked around, and would you credit it, Jeeves was right again Don't ask me how, but we'd ended up in some ghastly parody homage Deuced embarrassing if I say so myself.Jeeves, I said firmly, I've learned my lesson Noof this literature rot from now on It's nothing a chap like me should be wasting his time on.A very wise decision, sir, said Jeeves And that was that. This one was a fun bunch of short stories that were interconnected.What I mean is that Bertie Wooster aren't in one looooong mess this time around It's a series of smaller, somewhat connected messes? Ish.It doesn't really matter.What matters is that this is another funny installment with wacky favorites like Aunt Agatha, the Glossops, Bingo Little.Now, Wodehouse's books are like Agatha Christie's in the sense that these authors both found a formula that fucking worked and stuck with that shit So Yeah Everything I've read from the Jeeves series blends together I couldn't honestly tell you for sure the plot of this one without maybe getting mixed up with the plot of another one.But that's ok with meI enjoy the hell out of these for the same reason I like comfort foods They make me feel good.Bonus: unlike when I eat mac cheese, reading this stuff doesn't make my ass get any flabbier.Publisher: Blackstone PublishingEdition: UnabridgedFrederick Davidson was the narrator he's not my favorite for this series I prefer Johnathan Cecil, to be honest Davidson isn't bad but Cecil is just so much funnier, imho. 3.5 starsThe first book in the series is all about Wooster and Jeeves whereas this book isabout Bingo and Jeeves, Bingo and Wooster, well Bingo in general Am I complaining? NO.I thoroughly enjoyed all the idiocracies that Bingo got into.There is an apt statement that describes Bingo But there's no reticence about Bingo He always reminds me of the hero of a musical comedy who takes the centre of the stage, gathers the boys around him in a circle, and tells them all about his love at the top of his voice Bingo got into this hilarious love escapades and then looked for help from Wooster Wooster in turn looked at Jeeves to solve all the problems and Jeeves did that splendidly as usual The many situations in the book had me snickering Each chapter and situation felt as if it's a standalone situation and Mr Claude and Mr Eustace were additional characters that are added just to createhilarious situations But by the end of it we know that each and every episode is well linked and make a compact bigger story which is something I admire about Wodehouse's writing Overall this book is definitely engaging and lifts one's mood! I thoroughly enjoyed this absolute great fun. This is the eel's eyebrows exclaims Bingo at one moment, and I would apply the comment to this second collection of stories featuring laidback boulevardier Bertie Wooster and his brainy valet Jeeves I found it better structured and an improvement over the debut in My Man Jeeves Firstly, there are 11 short stories instead of four, and secondly, these stories are sequential, following a common plotline involving the romantic entanglements of Bingo Little, an old school friend of Bertie I would say the volume is closer to the novel format than to the usual mix of unconnected sketches.In the first story, Bingo falls in love with a waitress and petitions Bertie, orprecisely requests the use of Jeeves outsized intellect, to devise a plan to convince his rich uncle to approve the marriage and to dole out the money needed for the comfortable life The pattern set here will repeat with hilarious variations in the next stories, as the best laid plans have a tendency to turn awkard and Jeeves is called upon to extricate the boys from trouble The first story also introduces Rosie M Banks, a popular author of romance novels that will return in later books What beats me is what principle you pick them on The girls you fall in love with, I mean I mean to say, what's your system? As far as I can see, no two of them are alike First it was Mabel the waitress, then Honoria Glossop, then that fearful blister Charlotte Corday Rowbottham Another recurring aspect of the stories is the reluctance of Bertie Wooster to get involved in other people's troubles and forgo his amiable loafing around doing nothing I'll let him explain why: And of course, dash it, at the end of ten minutes I'd allowed the blighter to talk me round It's always the way Anyone can talk me round If I were in a Trappist monastery, the first thing that would happen would be that some smooth performer would lure me into some frightful idiocy against my better judgement by means of the deafanddumb language Jeeves, when he is not dazzling us with his devious plans, has his own running joke regarding the rather unorthodox fashion choices of his master Whether it is about a pair of jazzy spats or some violently violet socks, a crimson cummerbund or a jaunty panama hat, Jeeves manages to wordlessly express his dissaproval, and faithfull readers of the series can guess who will win the argument in the end: The fact of the matter is, Jeeves, though in many ways the best valet in London, is too conservative Hidebound, if you know what I mean, and an enemy to Progress Some of the nonBingo related moments are providing extra ammunition for the laughs that make reading the book a risky business in public places Most of the pranks can be probably traced to the author's school years and early clubbing in London and pertain to getting into scraps with the police, betting on the length of sermons in a parish church or on the results of amateur races at a country fair, hijinks at a cabaret revue in New York (Cyril BassingtonBassington in Ask Dad ), and a rare occasion to get the upper hand in the neverending tug of war with Aunt Agatha (the case of the missing pearl necklace) I recognized almost all the sketches from the BBC production featuring Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry, a TV series I would unreservedly recommend to all my friends I am also looking forward to spotting some of these plots in later novels, as it is known Wodehouse tends to recycle ideas and characters.I will let Bertie close the review and say goodbye for now in his inimitable style: Toodleoo, old things You know where to find me, if wanted. Bertie Wooster faces many challenges as his friend Bingo Little falls in love with a range of young ladies Only Jeeves can arrange satisfactory endingsThe barriers between society's classes, two people in love and the problem of how to increase the uncle's allowance'No, sir, I fancy that the elder Mr Little's misfortune may be turned to the younger Mr Little's advantage I was speaking only the other day to Mr Little's valet, and he was telling me that it has become his principal duty to read to Mr Little in the evenings If I were in your place, sir, I should send young Mr Little to read to his uncle.''Nephew's devotion, you mean? Old man touched by kindly action, what?''Partly that, sir But I would relyon young Mr Little's choice of literature.' .If young Mr Little were to read day after day to his uncle a series of narratives in which marriage with young persons of an inferior social status was held up as both feasible and admirable, I fancy it would prepare the elder Mr Little's mind for the reception of the information that his nephew wishes to marry a waitress in a teashop.''Are there any books of that sort nowadays? The only ones I ever see mentioned in the papers are about married couples who find life grey, and can't stick each other at any price.''Yes, sir, there are a great many, neglected by the reviewers but widely read You have never encountered All for Love, by Rosie M Banks?''No.''Nor A Red, Red Summer Rose, by the same author?''No.''I have an aunt, sir, who owns an almost complete set of Rosie M Banks' I could easily borrow as many volumes as young Mr Little might require They make very light, attractive reading.''Well, it's worth trying.''I should certainly recommend the scheme, sir.''All right, then Toddle round to your aunt's tomorrow and grab a couple of the fruitiest We can but have a dash at it.''Precisely, sir.'What would Jeeves have done to attract the attentions of the young lady?'Bingo,' I said, 'what would Jeeves have done?''How do you mean, what would Jeeves have done?''I mean what would he have advised in a case like yours? I mean you wanting to make a hit with Honoria Glossop and all that Why, take it from me, laddie, he would have shoved you behind that clump of bushes over there; he would have got me to lure Honoria on to the bridge somehow; then, at the proper time, he would have told me to give the kid a pretty hefty jab in the small of the back, so as to shoot him into the water; and then you would have dived in and hauled him out How about it?''You didn't think that out by yourself, Bertie?' said young Bingo, in a hushed sort of voice.'Yes, I did Jeeves isn't the only fellow with ideas.''But it's absolutely wonderful.''Just a suggestion.''The only objection I can see is that it would be so dashed awkward for you I mean to say, suppose the kid turned round and said you had shoved him in, that would make you frightfully unpopular with Her.''I don't mind risking that.'The man was deeply moved.'Bertie, this is noble.''No, no.'He clasped my hand silently, then chuckled like the last drop of water going down the wastepipe in a bath.'Now what?' I said.'I was only thinking,' said young Bingo, 'how fearfully wet Oswald will get Oh, happy day!'The great sermon Handicap or betting on the villagers races'Girls' Open Egg and Spoon Race,' read Bingo.'How about that?''I doubt if it would be worth while to invest, sir,' said Jeeves 'I am told it is a certainty for last year's winner, Sarah Mills, who will doubtless start an oddson favourite.''Good, is she?''They tell me in the village that she carries a beautiful egg, sir.'Moving through many humorous scenes Bertie, with the cool advice of Jeeves, manages to get Bingo married and have his uncle increase his allowanceEnjoy! “What are the chances of a cobra biting Harold, Jeeves?Slight, I should imagine, sir And in such an event, knowing the boy as intimately as I do, my anxiety would be entirely for the snake.” Once again I start my review of a book of the series with a quote Any book is highly quotable This installment consists of interconnecting stories mostly dealing with Bertie's pal Bingo Little The guy's hobby is to fall in love with a girl on regular basis a different one every time, exactly like Pepé Le Pew Every time he thinks she is the one, he keeps involving poor Bertie to help him and every time it is Bertie who ends up having to deal with the consequences Sufficient to say he almost got marries twice instead of Bingo it is complicated Luckily he had Jeeves to get him out of sticky situations (in other words, Jeeves had to help him practically every minute) Add to this nononsense Aunt Agatha who considers Bertie to be something similar to a village idiot and you can imagine that out hero did not have time to get bored either his aunt, or his friend were always handy to make his already complicated and life evencomplicated “How does he look, Jeeves?Sir?What does Mr BassingtonBassington look like?It is hardly my place, sir, to criticize the facial peculiarities of your friends.” This is book 2 of the series It also happened to be the first book containing Jeeves and Wooster stories exclusively The characters still lack polish of the later books, the relationship between them are slightly different from what they will be later Jeeves feels a little off Bertie Wooster however is his usual self I found the book very amusing I smiled a lot reading it, however I did not laugh out loud like I did reading books 6 and 7 4 firm stars is the final rating If you want a humorous book you can do so much worse than this. L inimitable Jeeves Pelham Grenville Wodehouse Babelio Dans une Angleterre ternelle peuple de jeunes filles nergiques et puisantes, de tantes redoutables, d oncles dbonnaires et passifs, de toute une galerie de personnages excentriques, domine la figure de Jeeves, le gnial et flegmatique majordome du narrateur Bertie Wooster, jeune clibataire oisif et cervel qui a l art de se fourrer dans des situations inextricables Ce sommet de l humour anglais aThe Inimitable Jeeves P G Wodehouse Livres NotRetrouvez The Inimitable Jeeves et des millions de livres en stock surAchetez neuf ou d occasion BBC RadioExtra PG Wodehouse The Inimitable BBC RadioExtra PG Wodehouse The Inimitable Jeeves PG Wodehouse The Inimitable Jeeves More escapades from PG Wodehouse s most famous creations, The Inimitable Jeeves WikipediaThe Project Gutenberg eBook of The Inimitable The Project Gutenberg eBook, The Inimitable Jeeves, by P G Pelham Grenville Wodehouse This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere in the United States and most other parts of the world at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever The Inimitable Jeeves by PG Wodehouse book The Inimitable Jeeves by PG Wodehouse book review Bingo Little is in trouble, Bertie Wooster goes to the rescue, Jeeves solves the problem The Inimitable JeevesWodehouse, Possibly one of the greatest British humorists ever and Jeeves certainly one of the most amazing characters in British literature Never fails to amuse, even cause laughter out loud Superb characterisation of Jeeves and Wooster and great descriptions of a time past Inimitable Jeeves the Vol atlanticbooks Buy Inimitable Jeeves the Vol by Wodehouse, P G Online with upto % discount from Atlantic Shop from millions of books directly from AtlanticThe Inimitable Jeeves Follow the adventures of Bertie Wooster and his gentleman s gentleman, Jeeves, in this stunning new edition of one of the greatest comic short story collections in the English language This classic collection of linked stories feature some of the funniest episodes in the life of Bertie Wooster, gentleman, and Jeeves, his gentleman s gentleman in which Bertie s terrifying Aunt Agatha stalks the