When Maud Marsh flings herself into George Bevan s cab in Piccadilly, he starts believing in damsels in distress George traces his mysterious traveling companion to Belpher Castle, home of Lord Marshton, where things become severely muddled Maud s aunt, Lady Caroline Byng, wants Maud to marry Reggie, her stepson Maud, meanwhile, is known to be in love with an unknown American she met in Wales So when George turns up speaking American, a nasty case of mistaken identity breaks out In fact, the scene is set for the perfect Wodehouse comedy of errors. 2017 This really is one of my all time favorite books I recently described to a friend as Downton Abbey if Downton Abbey were a comedy Lots of fun 2015 It s really impossible for me to analyze and critique anything by P.G Wodehouse All I can say is that his writing is fantastic and share a favorite scene The floor was crowded with all that was best and noblest in the county so that a half brick, hurled at any given moment, must infallibly have spilt blue blood Peers stepped on the toes of knights honorables bumped into the spines of baronets Probably the only titled person in the whole of the surrounding country who was not playing his part in the glittering scene was Lord Marshton who, on discovering that his private study had been converted into a cloakroom, had retired to bed with a pipe and a copy of Roses Red and Roses White , by Emily Ann Mackintosh Popgood, Crooly Co , which he was to discover after he was between the sheets, and it was too late to repair the error was not, as he had supposed, a treatise on his favorite hobby, but a novel of stearine sentimentality dealing with the adventures of a pure young English girl and an artist named Claude George Bevan s life get turned upside down when Maud Marsh jumps into a cab beside him, pursued by a thug that is in fact her brother Percy Bevan goes to Belpher Castle to find her and win her heart, resulting in the usual Wodehouse tale of mistaken identity and elaborate schemes.A Damsel in Distress is the usual hilarious Wodehouse tale with some added quirks The cast at Belpher Castle very much resembles the crew at Blandings and I forgot I wasn t reading a Blandings tale on several occasions Lord Marshemorton is a younger and lively version of Lord Emsworth, enthralled with gardening rather than pigs, and his sister is much like Constance Reggie Byng is cut from the Monty Bodkin Bertie Wooster cloth I get the feeling that Wodehouse wasn t completely sold on the Blandings crew after Something Fresh and decided to take another stab at it Maybe he felt Belpher was unusable at the end of this story.The story has some unexpected turns, like the fate of Lord Marshemorton I can t imagine Emsworth doing what Marshemorton did While A Damsel in Distress isn t my favorite Wodehouse, it s still smashing The dedicated Wodehouse fan won t be disappointed. Daffy mishaps abound as a golfing enthusiast Wodehouse does love his golf and composer is set upon by a young woman in need and, true to form, the author has his characters dangling from the ends of mistaken identity wires This was one of Wodehouse s early works and it s not bad, though not his best The writer was still honing his craft The plot, the characters, and the soup they find themselves in will all become richer in later books However, A Damsel in Distress is still a worthy read if you re a fan of his Jeeves Wooster line. Flighty aristocratic girls in love with unsuitable men Vapid and bullied elderly aristocrats Fearsome matriarchal aristocratic women who do the bullying Stiff necked aristocratic young men out to make fools of themselves And untitled young men about town with hearts of gold, always ready to rescue damsels in distress.In short, vintage Wodehouse.There is a director in Malayalam movies who makes situational comedies which are strikingly similar in theme and approach, but who provides hits on a regular basis despite the sameness I have likened this to the popularity of sambar, the South Indian curry which is a staple diet of most vegetarians Sambar is popular because of its predictability of taste, not in spite of it.I feel it is the same with Wodehouse novels We meet the same characters again and again in the same situations, yet we love it We go into the novel expecting it, and we want of the same.