Tips To Lose Weight Without Dieting Tried And Tested Ways To Help You Lose Those Extra PoundsYou ve heard it all before you can t lose weight without doing all the hard workTrueBut here and there, there are little things that you can do to make sure that you don t fall into the trap of bingeing, over eating, snacking too much, stress eating, and all the other bad habits that contribute to excess poundsIn this book, you will learn How it is possible to actually lose weight without having to diet Tips and tricks that help you curb your need to snack Various ways that you can substitute traditional calorie laden ingredients to be healthiertried and tested ways that you can shed excess pounds or curb the urge to over eat and even avoid stress eatingIs it going to be your one definitive answer to shedding those peskypounds No But it will be a helpful guide to make sure that you maintain your weight and eat healthy