Rahovart S Life Is Spiraling Out Of Control As He Struggles To Fulfill His Duties In Heaven And His Duties To Etta In Quantico, Virginia Etta Never Anticipated The Issues Which Would Arise As She Settles Into A Demon Free Life Beginning A New Career, Dealing With Rahovart S Incessant Absence, And Hiding A Secret That Could Tear Etta And Rahovart Apart Proves Too Much For Etta, Bringing Her To Her Breaking Point Adding To The Couple S Woes, Lucifer Seeks Out Lilith A Wraith Hell Bent On Women Ruling The Triskelion Of Worlds In The Hope Of Finally Claiming Etta S Soul Fighting Against The Clock, And Each Other, Rahovart, Etta, John And Several Unexpected Allies, Set Out On An Explosive And Turbulent Quest, Taking Them From The Edges Of The Heavens To The Depths Of Hell To Save Not Only Their Love But Their Very Existence One Thing S For Sure When The Dust Settles, It S Not The Happily Ever After Etta And Rahovart Had Hoped For

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