They both know what it means to be brokenBram, an Irish charmer, hides dark secrets behind his wolfish smile Since dropping out of Oxford, he struggles with epilepsy, fighting to remain whole Cassia hides behind her tattoos and bad girl attitude, hurt one too many times to believe in a happy endingTogether, they work on Wolfenwold Hall, a crumbling manor house tangled in a garden run wild, while the attraction between them blazes out of control Can they find a second chance before it s too late to save each other

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  1. Catarina Catarina says:

    2 Craving Stars Cassia and Bram met in college but despite had been immediately attracted to each other s, circumstances kept them apart Months later they meet again, when their lives are in considerably different places Bram s offers Cassia a great job prospect that she can t resist, which makes them having to spend a lot of time together Since they can t seem to resist each other they agree on the friends with benefits with three simple rules No cheating No Lies No falling in love Problem is neither of them is pretty good at following rules This was a nice and well written story about second chances and overcoming fears I liked the fact that the characters weren t flawless and that both of them had to grow a little during the book I did, however, had a problem with Cassia For a girl with such a tragic past she could really be a bitch At some moments I had to stop and wonder why in the hell would Bram keep chasing her when she didn t deserve him He wasn t completely innocent, but at least he was a decent person Despite this book having a strong plot and an engaging writing style I couldn t fully connect with the story I felt like I was reading it, not living it Do you get what I mean And that s not usually a good sign when reading books There was a lot where I felt bored and just kept going because I m stubborn and always need my HEA fix However, if you like hot Irish man give this book a try You may like it Rating 2 Stars Steam Hot Sensible Subjects view spoiler No hide spoiler

  2. Sophie& Sophie& says:

    Bram is a good looking, ginger, Irish young man who met Cassia, an american girl with tattoos, when they were both students at Oxford After several months, circumstances bring them back together and he offers her a chance to remain at England, working on the garden of the Wolfenwold Hall Cassia is carrying with her a guilt that concerns her previous relationship, so when the chemistry and the sexual tension between them gets even intense, they make a deal and establish 3 rules No cheating No lies No falling in love What I appreciated in this book was a matter that I haven t met before in books, so it felt real whenever I was reading about it and getting stressed where would this lead I m talking about the health issue of the hero Although, I don t know a lot about it, it was shocking for me when at some point this problem led to another view spoiler temporary amnesia hide spoiler

  3. Peek At My Book Review Peek At My Book Review says:

    Rating 3.5 Lovely StarsMy Views Overall this one was a nice read which I enjoyed I loved the story because it was unique, none that I ve read so far For me this one a Botanic Romance p The dialogues between the characters were very entertaining I was laughing so loud in the bus And what I loved most about this book was how the author gave us characters which are completely different from what I normally read.Style of writing This was where I had a little problem The author is good at writing and I loved the sex scenes because they were well written However, for the rest of the story I found the writing to be lacking this could have been in depth Moreover, the dialogues between the characters were confusing me sometimes.Characters I loved the characterization in this book Cassia was someone who is shameless and has got a dirty mouth for a heroine whereas here it s Bram, the hero, who blushes all the time not in a bad way They rocked together Favorite Part The first sex sceneI have never ever laughed so much during a sex scene This one was EPIC What did not work view spoiler Two times in the book, Cassia tries to leave Bram WHY I couldn t see a strong reason enough hide spoiler

  4. Carol (StarAngel& Carol (StarAngel& says:

    Book Crave the RoseAuthor Karen KincyPublication Date February 14, 2015 Genre Romance Type Stand Alone Cliffhanger No Rating 3.75 out of 5 Stars Complimentary copy generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. My Thoughts Story I enjoyed this story but did have a problem connecting with Cassia At times, I felt she was a real bitch after her douchebag s accident and death At first, I really sympathized with her but after that and her relationship with Bram, I thought she turned into a raving bitch only caring about herself Now, she did redeem herself further into the story I enjoyed that Bram was real even though he was characterized as smart and attending Oxford, he still was tempted and got caught doing something unethical I also liked the fact that the author brought epilepsy into the mix and it wasn t something that Bram was able to overcome with strength or love or a miracle cure It was front and center that his life had to revolve around this.The author s writing style was good and that kept me interested in the story and found myself rooting for these two I found myself praying that Bram would find a way to knock some sense into Cassia and throw out those silly rules I also wished that Bram would stand up to his mother and understand that most of his epileptic episodes had to do with all the stress she was loading on him But then on the other hand, I loved his father what a cool guy Re Cap Bram instantly is attracted to Cassia while he is studying at Oxford but unfortunately she already has a boyfriend well that is until she catches her boyfriend screwing someone else in their bed A few months later, Cassia and Bram run into each other again and Bram offers her a job at his estate to renovate the gardens By this time Cassia has written off men and swears she won t fall in love again Sex only But Bram has other intentions and tries his hardest to get past those silly rules and break through to the Cassia he first met at Oxford While he battles with his mother, the estate and his epilepsy he ends up burying himself too deep in a mess and the only one who can save him is Cassia But can he count on her to come through Reason for Reading Author Request Story 4 out of 5 Stars Steam 4 out of 5 Stars Angst 3.5 out of 5 Stars Writing 4 out of 5 Stars Content Flow 3.5 out of 5 StarsTold In Dual POVHeroine Personality Cassia couldn t connect with this character until later in the storyHero Personality Bram sexy Irishman who knows what he wantsHEA Spoiler view spoiler Yes hide spoiler

  5. ✿ ✿ says:

    I received an RC via the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you Don t get me wrong This was a good read with a lot of potential But, having that said, I also have to admit that I had a hard time connecting with the protagonists and felt the writing was rather choppy and jumpy I would have liked dialogue and development between Bram and Cassie content or information to draw conclusions from or get the full effect of certain plot devices and situations In other words, I basically felt that Bram and Cassie s relationship progressed way too fast although at first, she had a boyfriend for my liking and that certain themes and developments weren t executed as properly or fluidly as they could have been It kind of made me have a hard time following along and believing in Bram and Cassie s romance at all.While I did try my best to give every aspect of this read the benefit of the doubt, I m a bit at a toss at where to rate this book I m heavily siding with 2 stars as according to goodreads standards, it was just an okay read for me.Thanks though Ms Kincy for reaching out and sending over a copy for me to read and review at my convenience I m sorry that it didn t exactly work out for me, but, keep your head up and keep writing and thinking big Much love and best wishes,

  6. Galateea Galateea says:

    I love it Don t ask me why, because everybody that had remotely heard of my tasted knows that i lean towards urban fantasy, steampunk and towards contemporary when we re talking spies and assassins.But for some reason this books just made my day It made my day so well that i actually put my greedy paws on it as soon as it hit the shelves and just like Cinderella no, i didn t forget one of my high heels somewhere i just had to finish it the same day before the clock hit midnight.For starters Bram was mm well, yum Not because he was Irish although that counted awfully much too or because he had his moments of shyness i had to hit myself to stop the huge dumb smile on my face from completely popping out and ruining my badass image or because he was nice, understanding and poor baby had some view spoiler health problems, moments where my coddling instinct was engaged it s the third time this month i fall for a book character hide spoiler

  7. Book-Bosomed blog Book-Bosomed blog says:

    4.75 StarsBram Winterbourne is an Irish nouveau riche boy studying at Oxford Or failing at Oxford might be apropos Bram has a little problem that s interfering with his advanced studies But that doesn t stop him from falling in love at first sight with the tattooed American beauty Cassia Santos studying botany abroad.The first portion entitled Before sets the stage for the dynamics between Bram and Cassia s seemingly fated relationship We seem to be inevitable BramThis initial section included as part of the sample is plot driven than character driven in contrast to the remaining bulk of the story entitled After, which really captures the depth of the romance.From there, Bram and Cassia s real love story takes off Or accurately and descriptively, it flies ahead of them while at the same time struggling to get off the ground Neither Bram nor Cassia especially Cassia are prepared for the feelings that develop between them, and they aren t necessarily at a time and place yet alone state of mind to deal with them But yet there they are and neither the couple nor the reader can turn a blind eye to it This is a story about finding love when you weren t looking or even willing to take a chance on it.This is also a story where the setting contributes to the tone while mimicking the state of the characters The crumbling Wolfenwold Hall and the corresponding neglected gardens reflect Bram and Cassia s broken state of existence Atmosphere is key, even present in the love scenes.Bram exudes charm and vulnerability all at the same time He ll remind you of a damaged hero from classic literature than a contemporary heartthrob book boyfriend, and I found that a refreshing change of pace But, make no mistake Bram still makes the book boyfriend cut He s sweet, fragile, and struggling to stay in control.Cassia sometimes I wanted to shake her, other times I felt bad for her for the way she guilted and shamed herself At places particularly the beginning and the end I craved a little development on her part to truly understand the real Cassia This is where a little background on her life before Oxford and her family might have been beneficial.He s broken physically she s broken emotionally psychologically broken, and as their relationship, partnership, progresses it s hard not to root for them to heal and be together I m already wet and aching for him I would die to see him glistening with his own cum, but I would live to feel him inside me CassiaThe overall tone of the book blends melancholy with sensuality while allowing love to seep through Though the mood is at times peppered with sadness and a sense of failure, it avoids the contemporary device of angst.Though a part of me craved an epilogue for just a little of Bram and Cassia down the road, at the same time it felt like it ended at a fitting place and on a positive vibe.Crave the Rose is a captivating stand alone new adult romance told via dual first person point of view.

  8. Jessica Jessica says:

    You ever walk in halfway through an inside joke but nod and laugh like you understood That s exactly what this book felt like At just over 200 pages it was a very quick read But I honestly have no clue what it was about The heroine is constantly running from her feelings but we never find out why We also never find out why the hero acts the way he does all overly proper and occasionally even coming off as cold I seriously want to know the meaning behind her tattoo Three times asked three times it s a long story WHERE S THAT FUCKING STORY If it wasn t going to be used why even bother putting it in there What is the deal with the hero s family why are they such assholes How did his medical issue resolve What was the point of the one chapter of amnesia Or the one chapter of the house burning down Or really any of this plot line at all What actually happened to the couple after he chased her down These are questions I don t have answers to and thats pretty unacceptable in a book I didn t understand anything about the characters so I couldn t really get into them or their romance I didn t buy that they were in love because i knew so little about them The sex scenes were plentiful and really really hot but even they couldn t carry the book considering how utterly underdeveloped every other part was The writing was ok but there where some awkward sentence phrasings at times that made it hard to read because i had to stop and think about what the author was trying to convey.Bottom line I loved the concept of this book but the author just threw a bunch of shit on a page and hoping it stuck rather than focus on developing the characters, the romance, and like one or two major plot points So I can t recommend this one unfortunately

  9. Samantha Samantha says:

    Loved Bram Bram and Cassia meet while at Oxford but Cassia has a boyfriend After a few twists of Fate, Cassia is single and runs into Bram They get physical, they get personal, and they get emotional Bram has epilepsy and struggles with having seizures Bram is a good guy with an even better heart Cassia has the guilt of an ex s death weighing on her Cassia is a bit confused but is still a good person, just had to find a reason to be one again The two weave into one another like grape vines The novel is overall a good read that ends looking up.

  10. Crissy King Crissy King says:

    Great Book Karen Kincy has captured the story of two people afraid to love each other due to pain in their past and present Wonderful story Thank you Karen for a great book