I read this book in one night because I just couldn t put it down I kept wanting to see what would happen next Definitely a good read Jess had been intensely occupied with wiping Olivia s face He couldn t tell if she was breathing or not and was too afraid to check for a pulse The idea of losing her when he had only just found her was beyond consideration Resting his forehead against hers, he began speaking softly to her, Please don t leave me Please hang on There s so much to tell you A powerful derailment on the Madrid Metro throws the lives of three people together and changes them forever as they are forced to see life from a different perspective Olivia Polansky the American poet, Jess Wilkinson the Londoner on holiday and Maritza Caballero de Lezcano a Panamanian widow on a mission to rectify the wrongdoing of anotherMadrid Metro is a story of hope, faith, endurance and love despite injustice, tragedy and disappointment