Sweet Mob CoupGreat SS Loved the takeover from the old mob Boss I thought the vault was a clever plan Easy, fast paced, and fully formed A raw fast paced tale This is no frilly tale, but hard boiled crime set in modern day The story was none too predictable and anyone who loves a good crime novel will be refreshed if not drenched in blood and violence The settings time and voice are unique and the story well done. An interesting short fictional story with a twist Plus a preview of the author s next short story. Great short story.Reminds me of Lawrence Block s darker hard boiled stories Matthew Scudder Fair warning that this is a violent story, but appropriate given the subject matter. Mickey was next in line to lead the organization back in , when Chuck Carlino assassinated the aging boss, Mr Merazano, and became leader of their entire operation by force Years have passed, and Mickey s partner, Frank, has been caught staging an overthrow of Chuck Carlino s authority Mickey has just lost his partner of years, tortured to death at the hands of Mr Carlino s thugs, and now he s under suspicion Mickey must face the entire organization head on or die trying