It s not easy being a psychic Lightworker The hours are long The erotic initiations are taxing Emotions and energies fly high And you re trying your best to hideIt s not fun being hunted That s what Harmony Mendelson discovered after her first chakra awakening The Corona would not rest until they had her But at what price The hunt continues as Harmony, Tristan and Emily journey to Terra Quattro, The Tribe of Light s headquarters The sacred land is a hot bed for initiation and training It is in the Heliomatrix and the Metamorpho that Harmony discovers and activates her second chakra, the seat of her sexual power She undergoes the transformative journey of opening her body, mind and spirit to the initiations of The Tribe of Light s ultimate mystery school sexual alchemy Feel your body s energy field and erotic DNA expand Written for mature audiences, this metaphysical erotica book is intended to activate the reader s second chakra, allowing any resistance and blocks to arise in order to be cleared through sexual initiations and energetic downloads This is not your ordinary erotica book Be prepared for your life to shift

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