This is a fun, wholesome story that stars a very positive 8 year old who does her best to make the people around her happy It is an easy read that would appeal mostly to girls, although boys may also enjoy the story It s an upbeat, day long adventure with a sweet, happy ending. This is a fun, day long adventure that children, especially girls, will enjoy It is a wholesome story that parents will enjoy as well, and feel good about letting their kids read The main character, Jillian, is a clever 8 year old who is determined to make the people around her happy. Jillian McClout is on a mission She s determined to bring smiles to the faces of at least three people in one day, and to do it she s created the Happy Scouts Trouble is, so far her troop has just one member, herself, and Jillian soon finds that the task of getting people to smile is easier pledged than done From the all too happy people in the park to the busy shoppers downtown, Jillian is scouting every face she sees on her quest to turn frowns upside down before the stroke of midnight Can Jillian find a way to put smiles on three unhappy faces