Welcome to the world of the WAGsyear old Tracie Martin is Luton Town FC s longest serving WAG foryears her husband Dean has kept her in raccoon hair extensions and quilted Chanel bagsBut looking around at the new breed of WAGS, Tracie is disgusted to see that standards have started to decline some of them have been spotted in skirts that cover their bottoms and one or two have never drank four bottles of champagne on a night out And what s worse, Dean is dropped from the first team and their daughter Paskia Rose is only interested in the rules and skills of the beautiful game she wants to follow in her father s footsteps rather than her mother s stiletto clad onesWhat s a WAG to do Armed only with her Smythson notebook and Tiffany pen, Tracie sets out to write the definitive rulebook on life as a WAG, soon developing a cult following Surely it s only a matter of time before the Queen of the WAGS Victoria Beckham wants to be her new best friend The description says it all it is light hearted and crazy Tracy is the ultimate wag of all, wife of the captain, blonder than blonde, and dressed in micro minis With a crazier mother, and a daughter that eschews all thing feminine, she has a family that is part of the team of teens that she is mom to Writing to wannabe wags on how to be a wag has set her off on a path from which there seem to be no return.I had fun reading it, and so will you.. This is definitely something I would never, ever read in a million years but from what I can remember, it was so simple and funny I remember it just being there and I ended up reading itthan once I read it in a tone that almost seemed the author was taking the piss out of the MC and the British football elite culture too which I am sure she actually was and my God, it was hilarious. I thought this book was hilarious I can t imagine any real WAGS would though The story was interesting and the only thing that would have improved it would have been to follow up on meeting her father. The funniest book I have ever read Just a delight Tracie appears superficial at first put soon grows into a lovely, rounded person who just wants to be a Wag so badly Lovely book