Thank you to BERKLEY and Netgalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Just a Summer Fling is a contemporary love story between a Hollywood movie star and the handy man who is reluctant to get handsy with her I had high hopes for this book, and it was off to a good start In the end, it fell a bit short for me.I never connected to the main characters in the book There were times when Ashley had me rolling her eyes For someone who had spent a large chunk of her life in Hollywood and the public eye, she was incredibly na ve If she d been anything other than a movie star, that would have been a huge plus But with her career, it just didn t seem realistic Josh had a huge chip on his shoulder when it came to summer people And while I think it was justified, Ashley paid the price for his past experiences, which is a huge pet peeve of mine in books Their first meeting was a bit rocky, and while Ashley tried to explain everything behind it, Josh was too stubborn to listen I can t help but wonder how this book would have gone if Josh had just steered clear of Ashley and she d felt a spark with his cousin Kevin instead I think they would have been better suited Ashley s friend, Charlotte, was the highlight of the book for me She was easy going and level headed, and she gave Ashley good advice.I think one of the things that made it hard to connect was the lack of backstory on both of the main characters Ashley s motivation for going to Vermont was to get away from Hollywood and her very public break up, but the entire situation is glossed over And Josh s aversion to summer people comes from him feeling used by the wealthy women who frequent the area during the summer season But we really only see his experience with Jasmine, and since she s a married woman, I can t imagine Josh thought it was going to end well The ending here was a bit predictable and clich d, and I have a hard time believing Josh and Ashley are going to last.Despite my issues with this book, there were things I liked about it The author gave us a wonderful small town atmosphere, and Ashley s personality, not necessarily fitting for this particular character, was refreshing It was nice to read about a woman who was optimistic and hungry for new experiences for a change Because of those things, I ll be giving the second book in this series a go This review was originally posted at Badass Book Reviews. Ashley Carlsen is taking a well needed vacation at Lake Sullivan She recently broke up with her boyfriend after she caught him cheating She has been acting her whole life but she wishes to get out of romantic comedies and do something that she can be proud of She has been staying with Jasmine, someone very influential in the Hollywood community But, after making a fool of herself with sexy handyman Josh Sullivan with too many alcoholic drinks and a dare by Jasmine, she knows it is time to rent her own place Josh Sullivan is tired of the summer people He s tired of being used by rich women Yes, he made mistakes He thought the women cared about him but he soon realizes he was being used Ashley, the Hollywood actress is probably just doing the same He won t play her game Not ever At the beginning of the book I wasn t sure if I was going to like it I thought the miscommunication issues dragged on for too long However, the the book progressed, the I found myself being entertained by it Josh was an enigma to me On one hand he was serious, hard worker, professional, quiet and brooding most of the time yet, he was also someone who had multiple affairs in the past I guess when the book begins he is mature and has learned from past mistakes Ashley was funny, sweet and perseverant She was there for Josh when he needed someone to care for him literally and figuratively Cliffhanger No3.5 5 FangsA complimentary copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.MrsLeif s Two Fangs About ItFacebookTwitter 7 16 This looks so cute 7 19 Oh it was cute Just a Summer Fling was perfect for a Summer afternoon A hero and heroine battling their attraction and very different lives A local handyman and an actress in town just for the Summer Equal turns of sweet, frustrating and sexy as they grew and dealt with their differences, real life and past actions catching up with them Adorable animals, character growth and a lovely ending that had me all teary eyed and smiling Definitely looking forward to seeing of this little Vermont town and the people who call it home 3.5 starsReviewing for herding cats burning soup. Hmmm not my thing Struggled to get through I did not like the characters Might give the next one a try because I liked the author s voice She just could not sell the characters for me. Amanda s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 StarsJust a Summer Fling by Cate Cameron isn t your typical opposite attracts trope story but a romance with substance and smart She s created a love story in which both characters are intriguing and resist their attraction for the other but then learn not to fight it but fight FOR it Hollywood actress Ashley Carlsen is visiting Lake Sullivan, Vermont, and is a little tipsy when she propositions local handyman Josh Sullivan He no longer plays the game of being a boy toy for the summer people who visit the lake and turns her down He s been there and done that, and he has a reputation of being a player and has a hard time living it down now They go out of their way to avoid the other but when they do meet from time to time, there are moments that seem genuine, and gets them both wondering if this is than just a summer fling.I liked how the romance developed between these two characters There is depth to both of them and they come across as genuine and unique They live a different life from the other and don t see how this could possible work out between them But the heart wants what it wants, even if it may be for just a little while Their encounters were sometimes funny and their banter was cute, which kept me wanting and I didn t want to put it down.Cate Cameron has written a really good love story and I thoroughly enjoyed it In this non stereotypical story of opposite attracts, she wrote a realistic happy ending for Ashley and Josh in which they both had to give and take in order for it to work For me, that is the cherry on top of this cake and made me like it even.Review copy provided for an honest review. 3 stars I guess.The summary for this story is pretty spot on so I ll just tell you about my favorite thing, which wont surprise you a bit I loved Josh He was so swoony and sexy I liked his character so much I love that he was sick of being objectified I feel like my way of thinking is changing, and this is something that really bothers me Why is it okay for everyone to think it s perfectly acceptable for anyone to think the way to get over anything is to take a ride on the resident playboy That was a lot of words, huh I just mean if it was a girl who most people in town would call a slut we d be outraged Oh, your friend is new to town and getting over his girlfriend cheating on him Hook up with Susie Q She ll fuck anything that walks and throws a smirk her way We wouldn t like that Why do the guys have less feelings, even if they have slept with everyone rantAnywayI thought Josh s character was great, and I loved him a lot The girl Ugh She annoyed me I wanted her to get on a plane to Hollywood and never come back She didn t deserve Josh for sure With that being said, the storyline here was fine, and I ll be reading the next book in the series just to get of Josh I think Just a Summer Fling might be a good pick for small town romance lovers who don t mind annoying heroines For reviews and bookish talk, visit our blog at Pretty Sassy Cool Trying to take a break and re evaluate her life, Ashley Carlsen, movie star, heads to quiet Lake Sullivan, Vermont to relax and recharge her batteries She needs a time out from the demands of a busy career, one she s been doing since she was seven years old One of the first people she meets is local handyman hottie, Josh Sullivan On a dare by her friend Jasmine McArthur, Ashley makes her move Josh is so tired of being a scratch for the summer women s itch especially temporary visitors like Ashley He s determined to make better choices and stay away from the quick bang of a one or two night stand with a vacationer Been there, done that, bought the t shirt But is Ashley different Can whatever this is between them be than just a summer fling Sometimes, when I read, I am really able to get in the heads of the characters The way Cate Cameron wrote Ashley and Josh, I felt like I was hearing their thoughts and feeling their feelings Josh has been so burned in the past, he s just not willing to settle And, as Ashley is used to having men fall at her feet, or using her money and influence to make things happen, she doesn t quite get what the problem is But together, Josh and Ashley are quite magical He puts her in her place, she tries to reign it in It s an adorable relationship of give and take and you can t help but root for them to get it together Missy, 4 stars This was my first book by this author I enjoyed it and am curious to see what other books she has out. Sullivan Lake, Vermont, has plenty of attractions for movie star Ashley Carlsen pristine nature, local color, and a handyman with a bad reputation for all the right reasonsAshley s movie star life is starting to feel like an act She s desperate to be taken seriously, and after her boyfriend s affair with a costar, she s ready for a new scene A vacation at Sullivan Lake with Hollywood power player Jasmine McArthur might be the answer to all her problems And according to Jasmine, all Ashley needs is a hot summer fling with local stud Josh SullivanAfter one look at the handsome handyman, Ashley has a hard time saying no But Josh is tired of playing boy toy for rich women like Jasmine and her friends As determined as he is to stay away, he can t shake the feeling that Ashley is different and he can t help noticing her auburn hair and dancing green eyes But when their budding romance hits the tabloids, will it be another Hollywood scandal, or happily ever after I really disliked the heroine s motivation for approaching the hero, and her behaviour was off putting I didn t want him to end up with her, which really makes investing in a romance impossible This was a DNF for me.