Really enjoyed his perspective on recording He s opinionated, but always makes it clear that it s fine to disagree with his methods. In this book, the third in the Zen and the Art Of series, Mixerman distills the inescapable technical realities of recording down to understandable and practical terms Whether musician or self taught recordist, whether at home or in a full blown studio complex, you ll discover a definitive blueprint for recording within the current realities of the business, without ever losing focus on the core consideration the music itself As Mixerman writes The moment you start to think in musical terms, your recordings will improve a hundredfold This enhanced multimedia e book edition brings recordists deeper into the concepts covered in the text It features over an hour s worth of supplemental videos in which Mixerman demonstrates various recording techniques in a number of recording spaces The clips provide invaluable insight into what to listen for when choosing gear and placing mics, and Mixerman walks us through all of this in well over an hour of clips This multimedia eBook is an absolute must have for anyone who enjoys recording music and wants to get better doing it