FabulousI was recommended to read Meg Hutchinson books I would recommend her to anyone who loves a book you can t put down. Great book Really enjoyed this, But then I do enjoy the older fashioned period books I d like to haveof what happened after they reconnected, as the ending felt rather abrupt. Although I shelved this book under romance, I would not really say this is a romantic book This book is mostly about struggle and heartbreak It is very well written, and I will definitely readbooks from this author. i loved this the story line was great kept me interested ,well worth the read Excellent bookThis is great book I loved the story and I am sure that anyone who reads it will thoroughly enjoy it Really liked it will writelater Raped and left pregnant by her drunken father, Anna knows she must abandon her baby and make a new life if her son is to have a future She is befriended by Maggie, and under her care, builds up a successful business But she can never forget her firstborn, and fate leads her back to her roots