The Way to Freedom, Season One Book Kalena awakes with no memory of who or what she isA family takes her in as one of their own and she works alongside of them to help keep their home safe from the evil lowlandersAs she lives and works, she discovers that she has a power that is quickly growing within her One that can help to defend her new found peopleBut what will be the cost to her unknown searching friends

10 thoughts on “The Enemy Within

  1. Princess Dawn Princess Dawn says:

    I do like this series but the reason I knocked off a star is because the editing is awful The wrong spelling of things is used frequently like the word pass is used several times but should be past There are extra words and sentences that don t make any sense It s really frustrating and makes reading less enjoyable I even took a break from the series because it seems each book gets worse as though they aren t important enough to edit because the author is just trying to crank out books.

  2. Louise Louise says:

    A lot betterThis one was a lotinteresting Kalena s story in this part is ne, but still so full of secrets, it s impossible to fully understand what s going on The book does need going over by an editor though.

  3. Tina Tina says:

    OkThis story has so much potential, but geez, could someone find this author an editor The mistakes are ridiculous The word bought is used instead of brought, every time That is just one in many And seriously, this should not be classified as a whole book.

  4. Lindy Lindy says:

    Enemy The Enemy Within Oooh is Asner going to be a good guy, bad guy or someonesinister to them all.