Finally Allbooks in the Dream Weaver Novels Trilogy are together as a set BookDREAM WEAVER was just awarded the bronze medal in the Readers Favorite International Book Awards Vampires sparkled through the spotlight Then, the zombies shambled through Now, it s time for a new paranormal DREAM WEAVER Emari Sweet understands waking up in a cold sweat, heart pounding and screaming in fear Night terrors plague her after the death of her parents, and she strives for control over the darkness that threatens to engulf her But a monster lurks in the shadows, and his subtle hints of brutality explode in a violent attack that plunges her back into the depths of fear Nickolas Benedetti is a Dream Weaver an ancient, arcane and almost immortal supernatural race descended from the offspring of angels humans, the Nephilim Nick has the power to command memories and dreams, and each night, Emari s screams tear another piece of his heart Nick plunges heart first into Em s tormented dreams to save her But something dark and nefarious has followed him to her little cottage in the woods His magic can save her from the night terrors, but does he have the power to protect her from the real, living, breathing nightmares that threaten to dismantle her sanity BookROCK STAR Ever dreamed of being a rock roll star Emari Sweet hasand now she s living the dreamthe life of a rocker babe in an elaborate memory weave constructed by Dream Weaver, Sabre James But her rock star world crashes around her and she returns to reality and the memories of Nick and his betrayal Thomas, the Nightmare Wraith, returns to haunt their minds and twist their dreams Even Eddyson, Em s trusty teddy beagle pup can sense the Wraith s presence And Thomas is not alone He s brought a friend with him this time an old friend of Sabre s, who seeks retribution for the death of his beloved sister at Sabre s hands Emari faces her own mortality at the hands of this vengeful Wraith A new magic enters Emari s life and she begins to discover treasures beyond her wildest dreams in the form of a titanium and ruby spider with all the paranormal powers of Dream Weavers and Immortality and magic unearth treasures and secrets that some would rather keep buried And the biggest secret of all could destroy everything BookBREAKING NORMAL Does normal even exist for Emari Sweet any Normal is all she s wanted since the death of her parents But with the Wraith, Thomas, out for her blood, and Nick s duplicity, Em doesn t see normal returning any time soon Making use of her new found powers, she works with Spokane Police to uncover evidence in cold cases and memoryprint clues for current ones But is she putting the entire Caphar race at jeopardy by her choices Will her relationship with Nick survive his lie and her rage And will any of them survive the destruction of the malevolent Nightmare Wraith The Dream Weaver series is a young adult paranormal fiction action adventure that s a bit on the dark side The Onar Caphar Dream Weavers are an ancient, arcane and almost immortal supernatural race descended from the offspring of angels humans, the Nephilim The Weavers use the power to command memories and dreams, to defend themselves from and destroy the Rephaim the Nightmare Wraith This suspense thriller, written about realistic, science fiction, pseudo scientific memory and dream manipulation, is set in the Pacific Northwest Reviewers have called the series a beautiful, atmospheric survival story that is dark sci fi meets teen fantasy meets dark romance and a YA paranormal love story that s receivingstar reviews from readers of all ages

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