Can you love than one at the same time Is love taught or caught When Katarina discovers some of the sexual magic within she s told about the goodness and pleasure of sex and the beauty of her sexual organs and sets out on her life journey with the ability to listen to both her heart and her vagina From being her own sex partner to loving one and then two and also a woman, Katarina discovers that sex is much than sex Her constant state of horniness helps her to explore pleasure both as a job and a way of living Her multitude of lovers wins both her heart and her vagina, but when her organs of love and pleasure eventually crosswire, who can help her reunite with her first love This is a sex positive story about listening to self not societal norms This is a love story outside the mainstream This is a love story that says I love you because I love you and you and you and you

3 thoughts on “Reunited: A Sex Positive Story

  1. Bella Bella says:

    I came across Reunited A Sex Positive story while looking for an erotic novel with a fun plot This book certainly provided me with that I was as addicted to Katrina as she is to sex I really enjoyed her character and following her on all of her escapades as she figures how who she is and what she wants to be This was a very steamy read with a great plot I will definitely be looking forfrom this author in the coming months.