In order to escape famine and a dark future in Ireland, thirteen year old, Erin Mc Conaha sneaks aboard a ship headed for America Five years and a tragic accident later, she falls into the hands of the Cheyenne With the help of the horses, and a young, soon to be chief Bear Talker, Erin learns to walk, love and have hope again Before she can claim the future of her heart her past will seek to destroy her Will Erin be forced back to her roots and a life of servitude, or will Bear Talker s love ensure her role as Snow Fire of the Horses, the wife to a passionate Cheyenne chief More like a beginner short story with potential than a bookThis book needs a good editor It s too bad, because the story has potentialit could easily be a draft for a good romance novel My thought throughout was.if only the characters were better developed And why does it jump around so much No flowtoo bad because I Really WANTED to love it