Could you survive on your own, in the wild, with everyone out to make sure you don t live to see the morning In the ruins of a place once known as North America lies the nation of Panem, a shining Capitol surrounded by twelve outlying districts The Capitol is harsh and cruel and keeps the districts in line by forcing them all to send one boy and one girl between the ages of twelve and eighteen to participate in the annual Hunger Games, a fight to the death on live TV Sixteen year old Katniss Everdeen, who lives alone with her mother and younger sister, regards it as a death sentence when she is forced to represent her district in the Games But Katniss has been close to dead before and survival, for her, is second nature Without really meaning to, she becomes a contender But if she is to win, she will have to start making choices that weigh survival against humanity and life against love.New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Collins delivers equal parts suspense and philosophy, adventure and romance, in this searing novel set in a future with unsettling parallels to our present front flap For a long time now, I ve wanted to rewrite my review of The Hunger Games so that I could tell you why I don t just love this series, but why I also think it s important It is beautiful for the unflinching way it shows you, as a reader, your own willingness to disregard people who are different from you how you are the Capitol audience But, it is important as a story about girls I had not initially thought about articulating that point because it seemed so obvious to me, and I am bad at recognizing my own assumptions Lately, though, I have seen so many people, both men and women, acting as though this remarkable book is a piece of fluff that I realized maybe what I love most about The Hunger Games is not as obvious as it seems To me, this series is important because it is a landmark departure from the traditional story about girls.Too often, stories objectify women But the word objectify, I ve realized, has almost no meaning for someone who has either not experienced objectification or who hasn t really recognized it in her own life, so I m going to be descriptive here When I say stories objectify girls, I mean they talk about girls as though they are fleshlights that sometimes have handy dandy extra gadgets such as an all purpose cleaning mechanism and food dispensing function Sidebar if you are inclined to now google the word fleshlight, I encourage you to consult the urban dictionary definition here before doing that, as the google results will probably be NSFW and also NSF those of you whose parents might check your browsing history Do parents know how to do that Sorry for the sidebar, I am just intending to make an explicit point, and now I am feeling uncomfortable about what that explicit point might mean to the target audience of this book Girls, you are probably badass like Katniss, and you are definitely not a fleshlight Back to my rant about typical objectification in storytelling often the girls fleshlights have fancy outer designs because it makes the fleshlights happy to be fancy Sometimes they have skeeeeeery castration functions, and other times they work as helpful databases for music or video games or whatever UR into A lot of times, I will hear people refer to this type of objectification as treating women like they are just a vagina, or a pair of boobs, but I think there is something to the stories that is less human and sexbot machine than that complaint covers.So, in all of those links, I have tried to include books written by men and by women because I think that women think of ourselves this way almost as often as men think of us this way The link from The Ugly Truth, for example, shows both a man and a woman treating women like fleshlights I have also included both books I love and books I hate because, ultimately, I do think girls adopt this story about themselves, and I also think we can pretty easily identify with a male protagonist and disregard female characters who look nothing like humans For example, The Sun Also Rises is one of my favorite books in the whole world, even though it does not contain any women who resonate with my experience of humans And I don t think it s necessarily bad that I can enjoy stories where women are only fleshlights, as long as I can still be whoever I want to be without a positive role model I think it s good to enjoy stories and take what we can get from them, and so I don t regret that I love The Sun Also Rises.In seeing some male reactions to The Hunger Games, I am reminded that most men do not identify with female protagonists the way women have been trained to identify with male protagonists This seems like a huge disadvantage for men to be in, to me, and if you are a man reading this review, I would ask you to check out your bookshelves How many female authors are on your shelves How many of the books those authors wrote have no central male character If you have a minute after that, check the shelves of a woman you are friends with and see how many of her books were written by men or have no central female character Odds are the results will be pretty different The Hunger Games is such a groundbreaking and deliberate example of a woman s perspective on war and family and even men that it floors me I think it partly floors me because, other than Buffy, I can t think of another example of a female character who really fights for herself in such an obvious and hopeful way Katniss is strong and broken, and powerful in her brokenness Collins s image of a woman s perspective is not, admittedly, as effortless as Moira Young s in Blood Red Road, but its deliberateness has its own value It is not an accident that the story shows Katniss s emotional growth and that Peeta, as a emotionally whole person, facilitates her emotional growth It is not an accident that the story does not discuss the effect Katniss has on the erectness of Peeta s and Gale s penises The first is not an accident because in reality, men do not have to be the emotional cowards that the stories I ve linked to above make them out to be Masculinity does not have to mean emotional cowardice The second is not an accident because the story is not from Peeta and Gale s perspectives Despite widespread rumors to the contrary, it is my experience that women pretty seldom think about their effect on men s penises Hopefully, we never think of our primary purpose in life, in the way so many stories think of it, as making penises erect Hopefully, we never think of ourselves as gadgets that are super fun for other people.There are so many reasons I love The Hunger Games series, and all of this is one I wouldn t have initially even thought to say I saw this Eleanor Roosevelt quote earlier this month, and it said, It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness I think The Hunger Games is a candle in the overall dark narrative of girls perspective on life Yes, it is also a poignant critique of reality TV and Western callousness about the catastrophes caused by industrialization in the developing world, but that, too, resonates with me in many ways because of its remarkably feminine voice It absolutely makes sense to me that this book is not for everyone because of its violence, but I still think that it is objectively important because it shows a perspective that seems authentically feminine to me that talks like a girl, not like a sexy, fancy gadget I m not saying that in my opinion girls don t or shouldn t ever think about being sexy or erect penises, I m just saying that it is my experience that we think and care about many, many things than penises, clean houses, and food, and very, very few stories are willing to tell you about that The Hunger Games is one that does, and it does so in way that is beautiful and important. I have got to stop poking fun at this series with memes Someone take them away from me Nah, I didn t love this book I know I m in the minority, and part of me is glad about that I mean it when I say this book deserves recognition, and honestly, I d rather people were reading this and following a heroine as independent as Katniss, rather than a simp like Bella or Bethany The Hunger Games is high quality YA, intelligently written, and despite its flaws it s worthy of success Here s where I become one of those lone rangers on a forum uttering the forbidden words Battle Royale Stop Put down the pitchforks Let me make my point, okay At the risk of sounding like Hipster Mermaid, I read BR and watched the movie long before I discovered THG So the second I read the synopsis, the first thought that popped into my head was, Sounds a lot like Battle Royale It reads a lot like BR, too I m sorry, THG fans but you can literally pair up characters from this book and fit them snugly into the moulds of those from BR Katniss is Nanahara, Peeta is Noriko, Cato is Kazuo Kiriyama he even volunteered, just like the Careers , President Snow is the guy played by Beat Takeshi, Effie is the bouncy girl from the training video, Clove is Mitsukothe list goes on.I know, people I know Suzanne Collins said she hasn t read BR I find this hard to believe, given the similarities, but to each her own The above is simply something that really, really stuck out to me The entire way through, I was finding similarities This isn t to say The Hunger Games doesn t follow its own course, and have its own storyline It does But think of the people who lash out at Cassandra Clare because of the similarities between her work and J.K Rowling s If you re one of the people who feels angry about that, consider that perhaps the people who read BR, then THG, and noticed the same glaring similarities as I might feel the same way I am not a Harry Potter fan, thus I don t know what the comparisons are between the Mortal Instruments and the Harry Potter books but I did read both BR and THG, and personally, I came across many similarities that I could not overlook.Moving on, the romance The romance in this book drove me insane I don t understand what the constant need to have a love triangle is, but people who say, There are no teams are just kidding themselves If there were never meant to be teams, and if this book didn t want to have just another love triangle then it shouldn t have had just another love triangle That s the way it is, I m afraid I am absolutely and utterly sick of love triangles, and what was worse about this one was the second I read Peeta s name and his history with Katniss, I knew it was going to be all about Katniss loving Peeta and Gale trying to muscle in It was predictable, and a Plot Tumor Think of how amazing this book could have been had there been no romance, or if Katniss had actually been forced to kill Peeta I literally waited, with baited breath, for Katniss to kill Peeta But she didn t Convenience saved her.The synopsis of this book suggests that Katniss s humanity will be questioned, and she will be forced to make agonizing decisions in the name of her survival, but never once does she kill for the sake of herself Every kill she makes is either in mercy, accidental or in lieu of child murder Marvel s death was carried out after he speared Rue Katniss s killing him would then play out as comeuppance rather than Katniss killing for the sake of herself Katniss s hands remain proverbially clean, the whole way through the Games This is simply not what I signed up for It s unrealistic, to begin with Biologically, the human body and mind is wired for survival at all costs It s true Think about it when someone develops dementia, the mind literally breaks down to nothing Why, then, does the body not simply give up Why doesn t it shut down, because the mind no longer works Survival Survival is why The main objective of life is to do exactly that live it Animals exhibit this to a tee Smaller animals have faster heartbeats than larger animals, because the lower down they are in the food chain, the ready they are always required to be to rely on flight to escape predators This is why Katniss s lily white innocence remaining intact until the end irks me She never has to make any difficult decisions She is never forced to wrestle with her humanity, give up her principles, shame herself in front of the people who love her who must watch her participate She is unabashedly perfect Her inability to make friends doesn t even factor in everyone immediately adores her regardless People are willing to die for her, for heaven s sake The Capitol practically eats the dirt she walks on And this doesn t change over the course of the series I like flaws, man What can I say Perfection doesn t interest me Innocence doesn t interest me, especially in a dystopian setting, where brutality is law enforced It just doesn t convince me, is all Having said all that, I simply cannot fault Collins amazing ability to build suspense I ll put a pin in the excruciatingly boring first 140 pages, and say that the portion of this book that featured the actual Games was just thrilling The prose was sparse, with the feeling of unedited thought I love that A lot of people don t, but I do Actually, come to think of it, Collins writing was stellar overall I m a huge fan of first person present tense, especially during snappy and gripping action scenes, of which this book had many Honestly These books just piss me off I don t know what it is The setting was smart and well drawn, the anti violence message was clear and good, and despite being a constant annoyance, Katniss was a fiercely independent and capable female character This I greatly appreciate It s not a bad book, by any means, but I m just not a fan of it.Aside I have to laugh, kittens, because a lot of people need to crack open a history book before they make wild claims about the form of government going on here Numero uno the government system is not fascist Please, don t say that it is It just isn t At all It also isn t Marxist, either I m not a fan of Marx or his boyfriend Frederick, but don t shame the man and his gratuitous beard It s like a very obscure form of Stalinism but without the weird foreign policy.In fandoms like this, the naysayers are never without backlash I ve run into a fair few people who scream about how insane I am for not being in all consuming love with this book as if three stars is suddenly a bad rating Honestly, I don t really care if you loved the book Sure, if you did, that s great It s brilliant when people can enjoy the written word, and this book is not terrible, I did not hate it, and if I had never read any dystopian before it I would probably lobotomy fangirl over it until I died But right now it isn t for me.Another aside I ended up reading CF in full because a friend forced me to I don t know what was different the second time around, but when I gave it another try I realized that book is outstanding Definitely the best in the series Far better than this one, and let s only refer to the last book from now on as Dat Flop In fact, let s not refer to it at all Let s pretend it never happened I beg of you all.I tried hard to jump on this bandwagon, but in all honesty, I just don t really have any passionate feelings for this series Comprende Bonus Time Look, I m sorry But I had to do it. 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