The Pink Swastika Homosexuality in the NaziNotRetrouvez The Pink Swastika Homosexuality in the Nazi Party et des millions de livres en stock surAchetez neuf ou d occasionThe Pink Swastika Lively, Scott Livres NotRetrouvez The Pink Swastika et des millions de livres en stock surAchetez neuf ou d occasion The Pink Swastika th Edition Scott Lively The Pink Swastika, th Edition, available here in PDF format New chapters to be added as they are completed ChapterChapterChapterChapter The Pink Swastika by Scott Lively Goodreads The Pink Swastika is a thoroughly researched, eminently readable, demolition of the gay myth, symbolized by the pink triangle, that the Nazis were anti homosexual The Pink Swastika Pink Swastika th Book One ebook Download Search for Support Scott Lively Subscribe Our Mission Dr Scott Lively has advocated and modeled the Biblical worldview as a writer, speaker, attorney, pastor, human rights consultant, and missionary forthanyears on five continents This website is devoted to converting Scott s extensive and growing catalogue of books, articlesThe Pink Swastika as Holocaust Revisionist History byThe Pink Swastikaopens his fascist bible to the prototypical Nazi macho homosexual male best expressed today in the widely popular Tom of Finland fantasy drawings sold in all homosexual book stores, magazines, as well as in general advertisements for gay films and phone sex

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  1. Plainbrownwrapper Plainbrownwrapper says:

    Quote from the book: homosexuals [are] the true inventors of Nazism and the guiding force behind many Nazi atrocities.

    From the wikipedia article on Scott Lively: The premise of Lively and Adams' book has been heavily criticized as a pernicious myth, utterly false and a flat-out lie, and several historians have questioned the book's claims and selective use of research.

    Scott Lively is the same pastor who has been put on trial for helping to orchestrate the anti-gay laws in Uganda, and he has also taken credit for the anti-gay laws in Russia.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center regards Abiding Truth Ministries as a hate group.

    The American Family Association, the California branch of which Lively has directed, is also an SPLC-designated hate group.

    For more, check out the wikipedia article on Scott Lively.

  2. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    I have never, not in all my years, read such a disgusting compilation of hateful, vile lies. I have never read something like this that absolutely erases the suffering Nazis caused for homosexual people and the vile experiments that were performed on them. I hope I never come across something like this again. Please don't waste your time.

  3. Peter Bradley Peter Bradley says:

    Please give my Amazon review a helpful vote -

    This book addresses two interesting - and seemingly anomalous - facts concerning the Nazi movement. First, the early Nazi party embraced open homosexuals. The best example of this is, obviously, the founder of the Sturmabteilung (SA), namely Ernst Rohm. Rohm's homosexuality was known to other Nazis and he was not alone, as the story of the Night of Long Knives establishes.

    Second, although most Americans associate homosexuality with effeminacy, in fact, there has been a long tradition that associates homosexuality with militarism and manliness. Homosexuality in warrior bands is well-established, e.g., the Zulus, Greeks, Janissaries, and the Theban sacred band being well-known examples.

    A third element might be the Nazi proclivity for giant, nude, homoerotic statues.

    So what gives?

    This book addresses the issue by arguing that the homosexuals associated with the Nazis were of the militaristic, hyper-masculine variety, referred to as Butches. The authors claim that in the period from the late 19th century and 1933, a portion of German homosexuals belonged to two opposed camps, namely effeminate homosexuals who identified more with females, postulating, for example, that homosexuals were female souls in a male body. The other were hypermasculine who viewed males as the only sex worth associating with. The authors refer to the groups as Fems and Butches respectively, which may have been a term that was current in the period. (Note that most homosexuals did not belong to either group.)

    The two groups differed in some fundamental ways. For example, the Butches endorsed pedophilia as a positive virtue; Fems made it part of their mission for social acceptance to condemn pedophilia, or, at least, sex with those younger than sixteen. Fems organized to overturn Paragraph 175 of the German penal code. Butches formed a Society of the Elite (or Society of the Queer, strangely, either translation works.) Butch organizations were tied into the occultism that proliferated in the era; Fems took a more scientific/psychological approach to normalizing and/or treating homosexuality.

    The authors posit that Nazis were particularly offended by the Fem-dominated Sex Research Institute, where homosexuals were treated, because the SRI had treated Nazi leaders and had records on them. This explains, according to the authors, why one of the first acts of Nazi power was to break into the SRI and burn its records.

    The authors propose that a far larger number of Nazi leaders were homosexual. Apart from Roehm, they point to Heydrich, von Schirach, Hitler, and a few others, but they don't offer much support for this, albeit accusations of perversion have always clung to these individuals. They do offer some contemporaneous and later sources that support these claims, but since these accusations come from Nazi opponents, it is probably best to remain skeptical.

    Interestingly, there is a 1934 science fiction book called [[ASIN:B018S27770 Swastika Night (S.F. MASTERWORKS)]] by Murray Constantine. Constantine writes a projection about what the Nazi regime might look like after 700 years. One of the things she posits is that the position of women has been reduced to that of breeding vessels, while men have become brutal homosexuals.

    So, was there something moving in the subterranean world of ideas that connected Nazis with hyper-masculine homosexuality during the early 1930s?


    This books is actually the first part of a longer book. The authors do provide footnotes and sourcing for their points, but, at times, they write in a polemical language, referring to authors as homosexualist, for example. This may be a true characterization and it is important to know the bias of a source, but it does make the authors appear to be kooks with an ax to grind, which also may be true.

    I intend to use the book as an entry point for exploring the substantive issues raised above. I think that there may be some merit to this argument, but, on the other hand, this is an explosive topic for all that it may have some merit.


  4. Dan Shea Dan Shea says:

    This book is a comic masterpiece.

    I am gay and I am much less interested in gay sex than Scott Lively.

    Highlights of the book include a strange party where members of the SA become so enflamed by page boys in tight white trousers that they throw themselves on them in an animalistic frenzy and have to be saved from drowning (drowning!?) and the repeated inferences that while various Nazis weren't homosexual they knew people who were or looked slightly gay and this is enough reason to assume that homosexuality is the root of all evil.

    I read a biography of Humphrey Bogart by an author whose name I cannot recall that suggested that everyone in Old Hollywood was gay or bisexual and constantly having it off with each other. It was clearly wishful thinking. This is like a similar book if written by, say, Douglas P from Death In June. A perfect mix of what seems to be Nazi slash fiction with terrible politics. Why a high rating? Well, it's a very entertaining read and there's some interesting information about this fascinating period of history. Unfortunately it's less Primo Levi and more Mel Brooks.

  5. Flungoutofspace Flungoutofspace says:

    Only value is the listed research. Apart from that, homophobic bs.

  6. Allison Allison says:

    Nazi Germany was one of the worst-ever places to be gay. After the unprecedented acceptance of the Weimar Republic, homosexuals were driven underground and their bars, clubs, and publications were all shut down. Around 5,000 to 15,000 of them were incarcerated in concentration camps. Homosexual prisoners were among the lowest of the low, and singled out for particularly brutal treatment by the guards. Even after the war, things weren't much better. Because homosexuality was illegal under Paragraph 175, many homosexual inmates were simply sent back to jail to complete their sentences!

    Then you have this book, which asserts the upper echelons of the Nazi Party (possibly even Hitler himself) were all gay and that's why they were so evil. Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams (unsurprisingly) are a couple of extreme-right ideologues. According to Lively and Abrams, the burgeoning gay rights movement was no different from the fucking Nazi Party; thus the seed for The Pink Swastika was planted. You'd think a book this absurd, this unbelievably stupid would have to be satire, but it's not. Abrams and Lively are completely serious, which only adds to the surrealism.

    This book contains some of the most incredibly poor research I've ever seen. Most of Lively and Abrams' information comes from other nutcases on the far-right, and an obscure out-of-print book called Germany's National Vice. The legitimate sources they do cite are taken completely out of context and twisted to suit their ideology. How COULD be the Nazis be a homosexual cabal when they made their hatred of homosexuals quite clear? Lively and Abrams claim the Nazis were hyper-masculine homosexuals, and only persecuted effeminate ones. Obviously, this is completely fabricated and has no basis in history at all. It's truly pathetic how they try asserting all high-ranking Nazis (and most of the rank-and-file Party members) were gay without even a shred of credible evidence to back it up. Good luck getting anyone to take your bullshit 'theory' seriously with that approach!

    Unfortunately, Lively and Abrams are not even the first people to suggest this. Many of the Nazis' political enemies claimed they were 'sexual deviants'. After the war, this was also floated as an attempt to explain their actions. Because surely no mentally-normal person could commit such evil deeds, right? Fortunately, this whole theory has long fallen out of favor and has been debunked many times by reputable historians. But, as the Pink Swastika proves, there is still a small, insane group of people that buys into this claim and think it's completely factual. These authors really deserve to be locked away in a padded cell for a very long time.

    Long story short; it's homophobic garbage.

  7. Lewis Lewis says:

    Yes it's anti-gay but I believe you still can learn something from it. It ties in with another book entitled 'The Hidden Hitler', which also suggests that Hitler was gay. Some readers might ask, how could Hitler have been gay since homosexuals were persecuted by the Nazis? The book makes clear that Hitler and his fellow Nazis who engaged in man to man contact, regarded 'liberal' gays as effeminate and inferior. They looked at themselves as 'manly' and in their own eyes did not consider themselves to be homosexual, despite their physical attraction toward the same sex.

  8. Jerry Jerry says:

    If you want a historical look at the Nazi Party that uses sources from the time period and not today's revisionist history, this is a book for you.
    Who were the Nazi's, what did they believe, and how did society allow their atrocities?
    Well documented from contemporary sources, this book provides an often overlooked aspect of the Nazi leadership and foundation.

  9. Sean Houghton Sean Houghton says:

    Drivel in its most dangerous form.

    If you don't know, Mr. Lively is a Pastor who had a very 'shady' lifestyle before his miraculous conversion. He was heavily into drink and drugs from a young age. Just wanted to to let you know that before I get started.

    No matter how you look at it, Scott Lively is a religious fanatic who has a deep seated, scathing and heinous hatred for homosexuals. I am not here to mock his religious beliefs seeing as he is well within his right to believe what he wants to, though this book, (and all of Scott Lively's lecures and public speeches that I've seen for that matter) are SO intrinsically based on his view that 'sexuality belongs inside of marriage only' that it's hard to ignore...

    Lively argues that homosexuality 'started' in Germany in the 1860's. I don't need to tell you how ridiculous that is. By the way, before I go on, I better mention that Lively (never explicitly states this in fairness, as far as I'm aware) comes across as one of those 'well, history is written by the victor' kind of guys. AKA, if the history doesn't fit my extreme, blinkered view then it is a conspiracy. But that is my opinion.

    Things get very awkward when Lively starts discussing Marxism. 'Sexuality is the way to TEAR society down, and Marxists want to tear down society and rebuild in their view.' This quote alone highlights how deeply rooted this man is when it comes to religious beliefs - above ALL else, EVERYONE is being 'conditioned' or 'subject to propaganda' to tbe 'turned into a homosexual' as that's 'what the Marxists wants - to destroy society and rebuild'. A man that peddles the term 'gay propaganda' then turns the blame to sexual promiscuity - it isn't just the GAYS' faults , it is the fact that people may want to DO WHAT THEY WANT TO DO in terms of SEXUAL RELATIONS - it's their fault TOO.

    I'm not even going to bother going into how bizarre Lively's claims are in terms of actual high, (or mid) ranking Nazi officials were 'certainly gay'. A bulk of the point of this book is trying to get the point across that 'you know what, the Nazis had the right idea.. if only they weren't corrupted by the gays!'.

    It is absolute madness, and it is dangerous madness. But I emplore you to read this, to see how truly horrible some people's hatred to others can be. Absolutely mindless, sensless hatred to a group of people, a race, a sexuality on this scale is absolute insanity.

    Let me finish by saying this - Lively is a Pastor - not a historian, nor a professor. There is a reason this is NOT considered by any true professional historians or researchers as a resource.


    To quote a review from another site:

    I'm certainly no expert on the history of Nazism, so I'll leave it to others who are better informed than I am to criticize Lively and Abrams in that regard. What I am sufficiently well-informed to criticize is their treatment of the Theosophical Society in their chapter entitled Homo-Occultism. Lively and Abrams seem to think that this fascinating piece of Victorian eccentricity was some kind of outfit for promoting homosexuality.

    (1) Madame Blavatsky, one of the founders of the Theosophical Society, MIGHT have been a lesbian.

    (2) Blavatsky's friendship with Mrs Annie Besant, who became the leader of the Theosophical movement after Blavatsky's death, MIGHT have been of a lesbian nature.

    (3) Charles Webster Leadbeater, a renegade Church of England curate who abandoned his ministry, joined the Theosophical Society, was later irregularly consecrated a bishop by another schismatic bishop and formed his own Liberal Catholic Church, was almost certainly a pederast. (They're right on this one.)

    Needless to say, Lively and Abrams gloss over any facts that might cast doubt on (1) and (2), which rest on an extremely flimsy foundation to start with, and fail to mention the fact that Leadbeater was pressured into resigning from the Society as soon as his hanky-panky was discovered and was allowed to resume his place in the Society later only after Mrs Besant (no doubt gullibly) had been persuaded that he had mended his ways.

    They then, as the next stage in their building of inverted pyramids of argument, attempt to link Theosophy to Nazism on the grounds that:

    (1) Theosophy became popular in Germany and Austria (as also in other countries, including Britain, America, India, France, Australia and God knows where else)

    (2) one founder of a cranky German nationalist and occultist group was clearly influenced by Theosophical ideas

    (3) Madame Blavatsky had some weird ideas about root races, of which the Aryan was supposed to be the fifth (the Theosophical Society's declared first object of forming a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste, or colour is naturally ignored)

    (4) the Society's emblem includes a swastika (both the fact that the swastika was a symbol in use thousands of years before Nazism, and the detailed explanation given by the Society of every symbol contained in its emblem, are, of course, again simply ignored)

    Such reasoning would make a cat laugh.

  10. Ned Ned says:

    Vital information for every patriotic American

    I had this on my shelf for a long time before getting around to reading it. There was something about it, impressionistically, that didn't set well. I expected perhaps an unreasonable and slanted polemic, unsupported by much evidence. I was in serious error. This reticence of mine is itself evidence of the successful rehabilitation of homosexual history in the American mind. The Pink Swastika drives home the inherent evil, destructive, and aggressive nature of homosexuality. Further, it refutes the victimhood narrative fostered by activists. If only everyone would read this and understand the true nature of sexual nihilism and its rotting of everything it touches. I fear it is already too late for our civilization. Covid 19 has proved to expose American culture as an empty, soulless husk.